Mocho MINI Bale Grab


Our mini bale grab is designed for handling round bales and small quantities of large square bales. The arm height of the mini grab is 1.2m tall, allowing for easy handling of single round or up to 2 square bales with the added benefits of being able to handle the square bales from any direction. The arms can close to 1.15m allowing for easy handling of 4ft round bales.

This grab also allows for easy retraction of tines from bales whilst stacking as the tines return to behing the backboard upon arm opening. The tine entry points into the square bales are wide set to allow for secure handling of 8ft long bales, with the tines spaced to allow for the handing of 2 large square bales.

All grabs come with hardox tines as standard, to increase lifespan and reduce maintenance, and are supplied with brackets of your choice.

As with all of our products, this is built to your exact requirements. Please contact us today for a free accurate quote!

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