Manual Extending Bale Spikes


The manual extending bale spike is 1.6m wide x 1.2m tall, extending up to a maximum of 1.8m tall. Un-extended, it is designed for handling 1 to 2 big square bales or 2 round bales around the yard where a high backboard is not always acceptable. When extended, it allows for safe and efficient handling during the loading and unloading of trailers and stacking in the field. This spike is manufactured from a thick wall 100 x 100 box with 3 bosses and 3 980mm tines as standard. The height is quick and simple to adjust and can be done anywhere anytime with only simple tools (simply slacken the 2 bolts, push or pull the extension to the desired length and re-tighten the bolts!). Extra tines can be fitted to increase capacity.

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